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GlobeMed at Amherst College partners with Heart and Sole Africa in Ruhengeri, Rwanda to provide support for individuals with podoconiosis.

GlobeMed at Amherst College + Heart and Sole Africa

GlobeMed at Amherst College | Amherst, Massachusetts

Heart and Sole Africa (formerly Imidido Project) | Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Key Fact
The Virunga Volcanic Mountains rise up in the northwest corner of Rwanda and provide fertile fields for subsistence farming. However, the men and women working barefoot in the fields can develop Lymphedema (chronic swelling) from a silica irritant in the soil which leads to devastating physical manifestations.

About the Partnership
GlobeMed at Amherst College recently partnered with Heart and Sole Africa in Rwanda to support people affected by the condition podoconiosis (lymphedema), more commonly known in its late stage as Elephantiasis.

Heart and Sole Africa began in 2009 to provide care to patients with podoconiosis. It has since expanded to running an income generation program using sewing machines especially fitted for podoconiosis patients. TheHeart and Sole Africa is also working on education and sensitization to reduce social stigma associated with podoconiosis.

This partnership is newly formed and the students and the partner are collaborating to identity a targeted area of support.

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