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GlobeMed at City College partners with El Centro de Capacitación Campesina de la Universidad Nacional de San Cristobal de Huamanga to create a source for income generation an

GlobeMed at the City College of New York + CCC-UNSCH

GlobeMed at City College of New York | New York, New York

CCC-UNSCH | Ayacucho, Peru

Key Fact
In the Region of Ayacucho, Peru, over 68% of the population lives in poverty, while 35% live in extreme poverty.

About the Partnership
El Centro de Capacitación Campesina de la Universidad Nacional de San Cristobal de Huamanga (CCC-UNSCH) or The Peasant Training Center of the National University of San Cristobal of Huamanga was founded on February 18, 1977.  CCC-UNSCH is dedicated to the socioeconomic empowerment of vulnerable populations including the elderly and children residing in rural and urban marginalized communities.  Currently, GlobeMed at The City College of New York’s projects with CCC-UNSCH are implemented in the towns of San Juan Bautista and Ayacucho, one of the three poorest regions in Peru. CCC-UNSCH seeks to promote the increase for productive capacity through developing agricultural skills in gardening, raising small livestock, and artisanal skills such as weaving within the elderly populations. CCC-UNSCH also seeks to increase the public involvement of the elderly population in their communities and helps mediate effective communication with their local governments  to ensure a better quality of life. Working with CCC-UNSCH allows many elderly citizens to regain hope, purpose and the desire to participate in their communities.

 The projects target income generation and social wellbeing through agricultural work, artisanal work, and health workshops. GlobeMed at The City College of New York is working with CCC-UNSCH to fund the purchase of agricultural resources including, seeds for family gardens and livestock such as cows, chickens, and guinea pigs. The elderly receive the resources at no cost and are able to consume or sell them as a form of income generation. Lastly, the projects help fund health workshops that teach the elderly population about hygiene, healthy eating, healthy living and how to dress for varying climates. The capacity building training will directly affect 60 individuals and approximately 500 people indirectly.

GlobeMed at The City College of New York hopes to raise $5,000 for CCC-UNSCH. Together the partners aim to create a source for income generation and to improve nutrition for the elderly and their families in Ayacucho (Huamanga Province) Peru. GlobeMed at CCNY and CCC-UNSCH empower the elderly to contribute to their community, support their families financially, and to have a strong sense of self and purpose. Through these projects, the partners hope to improve people’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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