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GlobeMed at Duke partners with GHNU in Oyam, Uganda to support health and education infrastructure.

GlobeMed at Duke University + Global Health Network Uganda

GlobeMed at Duke University | Durham, North Carolina

Global Health Network Uganda | Oyam, Uganda

Key Fact
In Uganda, only around 60% of women give birth with the help of a skilled health professional.

About the Partnership
GlobeMed at Duke recently partnered with Global Health Network Uganda (GHNU), an organization in northern Uganda that strives to improve maternal and child health in the region, as well as the overall wellbeing of the communities they work in. GlobeMed at Duke and GHNU hope to work on projects that will increase knowledge on positive health behaviors and empower each individual in the various communities.


1. Center for Excellence: The insurgency by rebel groups in Uganda in the past years has compromised health facilities and human resources across the country and caused a spike in the emergence of tropical diseases. GHNU is in the process of building the second largest center for excellence in the country, which will serve as a facility for research on the effects of tropical diseases on women and children.

2. Maternal and Child Health: GHNU strives to improve women’s health in northern Uganda. Our chapter supports their work by carrying out on ground education about family planning and safe motherhood in different communities. GHNU also works with community health workers to capacitate and train health teams on reproductive health.

3. Hygiene Education: GHNU works with local schools to spearhead educational campaigns on hygiene and sanitation practices. Our interns who visit GHNU over the summer work with them to educate children on menstrual hygiene. GHNU is currently conducting a research project on menstrual hygiene resources, and will be supported in this effort by our team on ground.

GlobeMed at Duke hopes to raise $2,500 this Spring semester for the construction of the Center for Excellence, and for the training of women on positive health behaviors. The Center for Excellence will serve as an establishment to conduct research on the growing concern over new and re-emerging tropical diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya. Along with health education campaigns, antenatal kits will be distributed to expecting mother and community health workers will be specifically capacitated for the sustainability of these efforts.

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