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GlobeMed at FIU partners with EDELAC in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala to support children's education, public health, and human rights.

GlobeMed at FIU + Escuela de la Calle


GlobeMed at Florida International University | Miami, Florida

Escuela de La Calle (EDELAC) | Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Key Fact
More than 48% of school-age children in Quetzaltenango have chronic malnutrition.

About the Partnership
EDELAC (Escuela de la Calle) is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower youth by providing programs for destitute children living in various zones of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. EDELAC works to minimize the inflow of children living on the streets of Quetzaltenango through preventative social work, increase the earning capacity of parents, while taking into account their abilities and the needs of their children, strengthen the formal and informal education of high risk children, while addressing their other basic needs, and attend to the curative and preventative health of high risk children to contribute to their overall development.

Since its inception, EDELAC has made an immense impact on the community of Las Rosas by expanding its student capacity and continuing to raise the quality of its educational programs. The children that attend the school come from poor families with diverse interfamilial problems including alcoholism, a severe lack of nutrition, broken families, interfamilial violence, and displacement from one home to another. Close to 40% of families lack their own homes. Like GlobeMed, EDELAC believes that every human being deserves the right to health and education, regardless of one’s social or financial circumstances.

This year, GlobeMed at FIU’s will raise funds for the establishment of a medical clinic alongside the EDELAC school for at-risk children; the community of Las Rosas currently has no form of public health institution or community health clinic. The project will provide support to equip the clinic and supply the equipment essential to function effectively. These services will benefit local children and community members who lack health care access.

The partnership’s project emphasizes both human rights to health and basic services. The program focuses on a curative health program and a preventative health program for the community. Finally, our project will equip the clinic with the rudimentary medicines necessary, and the proper running water installation.

GlobeMed at FIU and EDELAC’s impact will be assessed once a project is identified and implemented in the 2013-2014 academic year.

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  1. 2014-2015 Annual Report

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