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GlobeMed at GWU partners with Set Her Free to promote female empowerment through income generation in the Kawempe division of Kampala, Uganda.

GlobeMed at George Washington University + Set Her Free

GlobeMed at the George Washington University | Washington, District of Columbia

Set Her Free | Kampala, Uganda

Key Fact
Girls who drop out of school for any reason are more likely to engage is risky activities, such as prostitution.

About the Partnership
Set Her Free (SHF) is a non-profit that strives to empower women of Uganda to become self-sustaining by providing a safe environment, vocational training and counseling. The organization was founded in 2011 by Robinah Muganzi and Robin Nestler; two women who believe that every girl should be given the opportunity for a better future.

Set Her Free offers vocational training in hairdressing, tailoring, bead-making, manicures/pedicures and is currently developing a catering program as well. In addition, SHF also offers housing and food, finds sponsors for girls enrolled in formal education and most importantly creates a welcoming community where the girls feel safe and loved.

GlobeMed at GWU and Set Her Free have been partnered since 2014.

One of the main components of Set Her Free is their tailoring program. Through this program, the girls learn the basics of a valuable skill that can lead to many employment opportunities.

With the help of GlobeMed at GWU, Set Her Free hopes to expand upon its tailoring program by creating a separate Tailoring Center where SHF can employ girls who have graduated from the vocational program. Not only will the Tailoring Center provide employment for the girls, but it will also give the girls a chance to learn more intricate tailoring skills and gain more experience. Once the Tailoring Center becomes self-sustaining, it can provide Set Her Free with another source of funding so they can help more girls.

GlobeMed at George Washington hopes to raise $10,000 this year for Set Her Free’s Tailoring Program. The expansion of the Tailoring Program will provide employment for SHF graduates and eventually generate income for SHF.

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