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GlobeMed at Morgan State partners with Knowledge for Children to improve the quality of primary education for children living in Kumbo, Cameroon.

GlobeMed at Morgan State + Knowledge for Children

GlobeMed at Morgan State University | Baltimore, MD

Knowledge for Children | Kumbo, Cameroon

Key Fact
Although most children in Cameroon go to school, education standards are low, especially in rural areas. Teachers are insufficiently trained and schoolbooks are often absent. Many children leaving primary school are not able to read or write.

About the Partnership
Knowledge for Children strives to improve the futures of today’s children by working directly with primary schools to improve their effectiveness and quality of education. Specifically, the organization works to provide children with schoolbooks, instill in them a joy for reading, and educate them on the diseases particularly prevalent in their communities. Knowledge for Children works not only with the children, but with the principals, teachers, parents, and communities in order to assure a measurable, sustained impact. Their partnership launches in the fall of 2013 and both Knowledge for Children’s and GlobeMed at Morgan State’s leadership are excited to kick off project design and fundraising.

“Knowledge for Children believes there is no one organization that can do everything for the community, and that is why we can do so much in partnership…”
– M Devine Suiven, Health Programs Consultant for Knowledge for Children

GlobeMed at Morgan State University and Knowledge for Children will jointly design a project, mobilize funds, and begin implementation in the 2013-2014 academic year.

GlobeMed at Morgan State University and Knowledge for Children’s impact will be assessed once a project is identified and implemented in the 2013-2014 academic year.

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