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GlobeMed at Rhodes College partners with AMOS to enhance the health of rural populations in Nicaragua by providing them access to potable water.

GlobeMed at Rhodes College + A Ministry of Sharing Health and Hope

GlobeMed at Rhodes College | Memphis, Tennessee

A Ministry of Sharing Health and Hope (AMOS Health & Hope) | Managua, Nicaragua

Key Fact
The AMOS Clean Water Program, founded in 2010, is currently serving 17 Nicaraguan communities, with a total of 1,276 filters in use in the communities they partner with.

“The opportunity to actively participate in projects I’ve heard about for so long, like the water filters, was surreal; the fact that I get to bring my experience back home to energize my chapter is exhilarating.”
– Carolyn Lamere, Rhodes College ’12

About the Partnership
The dream for AMOS began in 1967 with the work of Dr. Gustavo Parajón. Faced with overwhelming need in the poorest rural communities, Dr. Parajón frequently remarked: “In Nicaragua, a doctor shouldn’t just be a doctor; a doctor must also be a teacher.” This vision for empowerment gave birth to a broad health care initiative that continues to focus on local leadership development. The heart of Dr. Parajón’s work focused on the communities themselves, teaching local people to provide basic primary health care services, thereby dramatically reducing preventable illness and death. This focus on strengthening communities through education and preventive care lives on in AMOS today under the direction of Drs. David & Laura Parajón.

AMOS has seen tremendous growth under the direction of Drs. David & Laura Parajón. The health care project that began with a small collection of 13 communities in the municipality of San José de los Remates has now encompasses 22 rural communities in four departments as well as two districts of the capital city of Managua, now serving over 60,000 people. The Parajóns are American Baptist missionaries with degrees in medicine, public health and business.

AMOS is well positioned for future growth. A culture of leadership development is woven throughout the organization from the directors to the supervisors to the health promoters themselves. Education is at the core of development, as knowledge is shared between communities and AMOS, eventually bringing the level of collective capacity e to a higher plane.

Since 2010, AMOS has been working with communities and their local health committees to improve access to safe drinking water through the implementation of household-scale water filtration technologies.

The Clean Water Program was bolstered in the summer of 2015, when AMOS piloted the Water Promoter Training Program in two communities in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCS) of Nicaragua. The Water Promoter Training provides training to local leaders on the importance of water, sanitation, and hygiene as well as maintenance of the water filters. These Water Promoters are then assigned to educate families on the local level, emphasizing the importance of health education in community well-being.

GlobeMed at Rhodes College hopes to raise $10,000 this year for AMOS Health and Hope Clean Water Program in Nicaragua. The Clean Water Program will provide families with water filters and will provide training for water promoters in the community to educate others about personal hygiene and water sanitation. The water promoters will make home visits to promote proper use and maintenance of water filters and will educate their community on personal hygiene and water sanitation.

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Read GlobeMed at Rhodes College’s annual report and donate to their cause. Interested in joining the chapter? Contact [email protected].

  1. 2016-2017 Annual Report

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