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GlobeMed at the University of Rochester partners with Social Organization for Voluntary Action in Odisha, India to support community-based health and education programs.

GlobeMed at the University of Rochester + Social Organization for Voluntary Action

GlobeMed at the University of Rochester | Rochester, New York

Social Organization for Voluntary Action (SOVA) | Odisha, India

Key Fact
Odisha has the third highest infant mortality rate in India, with almost 70 percent of infant deaths taking place in the first month of the child’s life.

“The power of collaboration, exchanging ideas, and continued communication cannot be underestimated. Truly understanding the passion and success behind a network full of partnership, both nationally and abroad, brought this to light.”
– Shouling Zhang, University of Rochester ’13

About the Partnership
GlobeMed at the University of Rochester and Social Organization for Voluntary Action (SOVA) began their partnership in 2015.

Social Organization for Voluntary Action (SOVA) is a grassroots organization based in Odisha, India. Founded in 1989, SOVA works to provide health services, youth training, and natural resource management programs to the underserved rural populations of the Dhenkanal and Angul districts of Odisha.

The Medical Assistant Training Program at Srimula Primary Health Center teaches women and girls skills they need to provide medical services for their communities. The thirty people that take part in the program also attend classes that aim to enrich their training with education on sexual and reproductive health. The Outreach Health Camps focus on providing care in very remote villages, usually tribal villages, that do not have a health care facility nearby. SOVA transports medical supplies, doctors, and pharmacists to camps on a regular basis to offer check ups, disease testing, and any other routine procedures. Through a program focusing on Immunization Camps, nurses and nurse assistants offer vaccines to pregnant mothers and infants.

GlobeMed at the University of Rochester is working with SOVA to fund a program to facilitate the training of patient care and general duty assistants at the Primary Health Center in Srimula village. The program is designed to improve health services for beneficiaries in rural areas and gives the trainees, young girls from Srimula, an opportunity to get employed in healthcare. This program will run in 3-month cycles with 4 batches of 30 trainees, yielding a total of 120 skilled medical assistants a year. As the assistants begin their work in the rural regions of Dhenkanal and Angul, the outcome of stable employment opportunities and increased quality health service for the region will create long-term benefits reaching far beyond the time during training process. Already, village girls from Srimula have expressed their excitement about the program, which they believe can address many of the issues they face, such as a lack of health education and lack of economic independence.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, GlobeMed at the University of Rochester aims to fundraise $10,000 for the continuation of the Medical Assistant Training Program. The funds raised will pay for the training instructors, class supplies for the assistants, and other incidentals for the training of health care workers.

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