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San Francisco State University + Jambi Huasi Clinic

GlobeMed at San Francisco State University | San Francisco, California

Jambi Huasi | Otavalo, Ecuador

Key Fact
One-third of all births in Ecuador are unattended by a skilled professional.

About the Partnership
Jambi Huasi, or “Health House,” serves the indigenous Quecha-speaking population of Otavalo, Ecuador. Indigenous communities are disproportionately among the poorest of the poor, with roughly 90% of indigenous communities living below the poverty line. The Jambi Huasi clinic provides medical services, outreach programs, reproductive health education, and a referral system for obstetric complications. What makes Jambi Huasi so unique is their culturally sensitive approach to medicine. Jambi Huasi provides both modern and traditional medical treatments. The blending of techniques allows Jambi Huasi to provide advanced medical care as well as draw from a local “pharmacy” of over 3,600 native plants!

Jambi Huasi’s intercultural model is a huge success. At their inception in 1994, Jambi Huasi was designed to serve 4,000 people a year. By 2005, they were serving over 1,000 people a month! In addition, Jambi Huasi has markedly decreased the maternal mortality rate through their reproductive health education and obstetric referral system. Jambi Huasi is partnering with GlobeMed at San Francisco State University to expand their clinic and health education services to better serve the people of Otavalo.

In 2011, Jambi Huasi began a Midwife Training Program to address the maternal health disparities that exist in Ecuador. This program provides formal health education to midwives working in local communities who have previously been trained in indigenous practices.

Jambi Huasi provides reproductive health education classes to all age groups of community members. The most notable program is the reproductive health education for teens. Before Jambi Huasi began their program, talking about sex was seen as taboo. Jambi has provided a safe space for young adults to discuss reproductive health issues in a respectful manner.

GlobeMed at San Francisco State University hopes to raise $5,000 this year for Jambi Huasi’s building improvement and reproductive health education classes. By improving material conditions and continuing community education, Jambi Huasi and GlobeMed will continue to stand against maternal health disparity in Ecuador.

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