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GlobeMed at Truman State partners with Mission for Community Development in Buikwe, Uganda to support rural development through individual empowerment.

GlobeMed at Truman State + Mission for Community Development

GlobeMed at Truman State

GlobeMed at Truman State University |  Kirksville, Missouri

Mission for Community Development |Buikwe, Uganda

Key Fact
98% of the community that MCODE serve depends on agriculture outputs for food security.

“GlobeMed has introduced me to many genuine people who are truly dedicated and committed to global health equity. Through these interactions, my knowledge on global health issues has grown immensely and so has my passion for working towards the changes that can be made.”
– Ashley Hartman, Truman State University ’11

About the Partnership
Truman State University recently partnered with MCODE to support rural development in Uganda through empowering individuals to improve their lives and to support community development.

MCODE began in 2009 to help support a family whose children were orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Through the process, MCODE’s founder saw deeper and more widespread issues in the community and built programming to holistically support the community. Today, MCODE has projects in water and sanitation, microlending, food security, vocational training, among others.

This partnership is newly formed and the students and the partner are collaborating to identity a targeted area of support.

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Read GlobeMed at Truman State University’s annual report and donate to their cause. Interested in joining the chapter? Contact [email protected].

  1. 2010-2011 Annual Report
  2. 2011-2012 Annual Report
  3. 2014-2015 Annual Report
  4. 2016-2017 Annual Report

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