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GlobeMed at UNC partners with Young 1ove to support youth education programs and HIV/AIDS prevention education in Gabarone, Bostwana.

GlobeMed at UNC - Chapel Hill + Young 1ove

GlobeMed at The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Young 1ove | Gaborone, Botswana

Key Fact
In Botswana, older partners are 9x more likely to be carriers of HIV/AIDS.

“Bearing witness to the good work that these individuals do on behalf of their community is one of the most effective actions we, as youth, can perform.”
– Julia Baker

About the Partnership

Young 1ove – a new NGO launched in Botswana – connects young Africans to proven, life-saving HIV education. Young 1ove brings a new approach to the fight against unprotected sex, teen pregnancy and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. Their three pillars are: (1) evidence-based HIV education (2) a focus on intergenerational sex and (3) delivering programs by youth, for youth.

Young 1ove puts their mission into action by targeting the issue of intergenerational sex and its consequences for youth. Finding a “sugar daddy” or a “sugar mommy” is a cultural tendency in Botswana that leaves youth with a higher chance of contracting HIV/AIDS. While the problem of intergenerational sex is severe, it is also an issue that that the team at Young 1ove and the students at GlobeMed at UNC believe can effectively be addressed.

Young 1ove has uncovered an intergenerational sex curriculum that has been proven via a randomized controlled trial in 77 schools to reduce teen pregnancy, a proxy for unprotected sex and HIV, by 28% in just one year. The class is simple: a 15-minute video, a graph of the relative HIV risk by age, and an engaging discussion. It is not often that 1-hour can significantly change a life. To this end, it’s imperative that they scale this program, accelerating the fight against teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.

GlobeMed at UNC hopes to raise $7000 this year to support Young 1ove’s youth education programs and their development of a core volunteer database, allowing youth educators to identify and serve the populations most in need of their message.

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