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GlobeMed at UIC and the Food and Rural Development Foundation (FORUDEF) work to improve community health in the Southwest region of Cameroon.

University of Illinois at Chicago + Food and Rural Development Foundation

GlobeMed at the University of Illinois at Chicago | Chicago, IL

FORUDEF | Buea, Cameroon

Key Fact
Cameroon is ranked 18th among the 20 countries in the world with second largest contributor to the under-five and maternal mortality rate in the world.

About the Partnership
This is the first year of our partnership with FORUDEF (Food and Rural Development Foundation). FORUDEF is a past member of the GlobeMed partnership network, and therefore, has the experience to guide us in this developing partnership. GlobeMed at UIC is beginning to keep constant communication with its contact, Moses, to create fundraising goals and plan the GROW internship.

FORUDEF was founded in 1998, when a group of concerned citizens joined together to address the plight of the rural population in Cameroon, most notably the rural communities of the Akwaya sub-division. The Food and Rural Development Foundation (FORUDEF) is a non-governmental organization with headquarters in Buea in the Southwest region of Cameroon.

FORUDEF provides nutrition and hygiene classes for expecting mothers as part of their initiative to improve maternal health in the Akwaya community. They are now looking to provide birthing kits for the women, which will actually aid in the delivery process and therefore, improve maternal mortality rates, which are high in Cameroon.

Over the years, the maternal mortality rate has been increasing in Cameroon, so FORUDEF is looking to address this issue by providing the birthing kits. The kit includes essential materials, such as surgical gloves, a thermometer, and towels. As there is currently a shortage in health professionals, with fewer than 2 professionals for every 10,000 people, FORUDEF hopes to make delivery supplies more accessible with the kits.

GlobeMed at UIC hopes to raise $500 this year for FORUDEF’s birthing kit initiative. This money will provide birthing kits for 10 women in the Akwaya community.

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