The 2014 Summit will challenge our network to explore the role of power and privilege in global health today.

2014 GlobeMed Global Health Summit

Breaking Barriers, Building Connections:
The Future of Global Health

April 3 – 5, 2014 | Evanston, IL

The 2014 Summit is set to be a pivotal moment for GlobeMed’s growing network. This year’s theme, “Breaking Barriers, Building Connections: The Future of Global Health,” will challenge students to consider the role of power and privilege in global health today. The weekend will be spent investigating the ideas of local vs. global engagement, how to build a diverse and inclusive movement, and what kind of leaders students will need to be in the changing global health landscape.

We are honored to announce that we will be joined by Dr. Prabhjot Singh for our Honorary Keynote on Saturday afternoon, April 5, 2014. Dr. Singh is the Director of Systems Design at the Earth Institute, an Assistant Professor at Columbia University, and a practicing doctor in East Harlem. He has long worked to advocate on behalf of the Sikh American community against discrimination, bullying, profiling and violence. This past September, Dr. Singh was on a walk in Harlem when a group of young men attacked him. The day after jaw surgery, he made a public statement calling for understanding, education, and compassion. Not only does Dr. Singh’s work show how local and global engagement are one and the same, but his response to last fall’s incident reveals how he embodies a new model of leadership that can break down barriers that divide us and instead foster courage, kindness, and resiliency among future global health leaders.

“Even more important to me than my attackers being caught is that they are taught. This incident, while unfortunate, can help initiate a local conversation to create greater understanding within the community.”
– Dr. Singh, Interview with New York Daily News

The 2014 GlobeMed Summit will also feature Ameena Matthews of Cure Violence and star of the documentary the “Interrupters”, Luis Argueta, the director of the documentary abUSed and six members of Ungano Tena, a GlobeMed Partner in Kenya that improves health education through performance. Each of these individuals grapples with breaking down the barriers that have been created by power and privilege and will shed light on what kind of leaders our students need to be.

Finally, the Summit will host a Keynote Panel on the future of global health featuring Sharon Rudy of the Global Health Fellows Program, Keith Martin of Consortium of Universities for Global Health, Kyle Peterson of Foundation Strategy Group, and Tracey Noe of AbbVie.

2014 Summit Program